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A brand new way to play FIFA 16 Ultimate Team - FUT Draft

This year, the biggest changes to the game comes to the PC edition, which has been given EA’s “Ignite” engine, which was reserved for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in last years edition. It flaunts the ability for players to “think like a real athlete” realistic crowds, and pretty grass. These are all small, but important things that really add to the experience that you get with Fifa 16 on the PC. Coming to FIFA 16 is FUT 16 Draft, a brand new way to play FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. This new mode will test your team building skills as you pick the best fit for each position from a five-player draw. Draft a squad and challenge opponents in a series of up to four matches to win big rewards for your club.
What’s really exciting out of all the news that’s come this year about the FIFA 16 Career Mode is that the player growth has been completely altered and we mean that in a good way. Before in titles gone by the engine was random and whenever you had a player say Ross Barkley from Everton as he’s nice and young and a great example to use. One Career Mode he would go up to about 90 and another he would not go up for his entire career, no matter how much you played him or how good his performances were for your club. Now though the player growth and potential is going to be more realistic than ever before!

A few weeks back EA Sports released some information on the new features of fifa 16 which we will see in Manager Mode in fifa 16, but I can honestly say I felt a bit cheated by the lack of innovation I was presented with and even perhaps the lack of information as a whole. It will also be interesting to offer more than one player for another team player, and also to be able counter offer when a team approaches to buy one of your players by asking for one of theirs or even transfer offer including swap deal in which one team swap a player with another team player.
One thing I learned in those first two seasons: The big teams like Chelsea and Arsenal don't scare me. More often than not, I beat them by a comfortable margin. It was the minnows that always seemed to trip me up-the Sunderlands, Stoke Citys, and Burnleys of the world, all of which would grab that go-ahead goal in the 34th minute and just sit on it for the rest of the game while I tried fruitlessly to break through their back line. It was one such game against Newcastle that ended my run at a league title in Season 3, coming hot on the heels of a tough 2-1 loss to Chelsea. After a while, I started to really dread the sight of Newcastle, Sunderland, and Everton in particular-three teams that could push my lean, pacey strikers around the pitch and play tough defense.
A complete overhaul is needed in this area to bring back the enjoyment factor of looking through the transfer market for a player that could be the final piece of your puzzle. The scouting was decent, suggesting players for you to take a look at and potentially make an offer for, but the downside was having to scout them further. Career Mode’s other historical weakness has actually been on the pitch, where repetitive AI behaviours have for too long starved us of vibrant and changing match action. When you’re playing 100’s of games in a Career Mode save, the CPU AI can very quickly become a dry and predictable affair. EA hinted at improvements in this area very early on in FIFA 16's PR campaign, and I experienced some great examples of it.
EA is also inviting players to participate in a Closed Beta for FIFA 16 Career Mode although a set criteria for who is invited is not revealed yet. So if you’re not invited chances are you won’t be invited later on. The Closed Beta starts on the 21st on August on various platforms. The career mode in FIFA 16 has seen improvement with better storylines, but it is still very much a text-based mode that can get repetitive and boring after a while. Bidness Etc hopes that EA Sports ups the ante in FIFA 16. Gamers will only get to know more in the upcoming E3 in June.
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