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A new character will be added to Kritika:REBOOT on January 22

A new character will be added during the January 22nd maintenance for the online anime RPG Kritika:REBOOT. Her name is Lina, and she’s known as the “idol of the battlefield”. Lina possesses a fire spear that allows her to launch mid-range and long-range attacks, and unleash devastating fire attacks.

Other changes during the January 22nd maintenance include level up reward system changes, level 70 sidequest changes, and new cash shop items. In addition, there will be a new event added to the game.

Kritika: REBOOT is a highly dynamic, fast paced action MMO. There are over-world hubs where players traditionally relax, take quests, sell items, upgrade gear and talk amongst one another. And if you want to Buy Kritika REBOOT Gold, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

Then there are the dungeons where most of the game takes place – unlocked by continuing with the game’s story. These are pretty varied, and offer various difficulty options for players to tackle if you want a challenge.

Granted, I will point out that early on the dungeons are pretty easy, but I know for a fact they get much more difficult and more intuitive as the game itself goes on.

And that’s where grouping up with other people comes in. You might not need to necessarily during the introductory levels but not only does it makes things go faster, but trust me, it’s always a good thing to build relationships early on.
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