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AFortnite massive Galactus battle event

Cheap Fortnite V-BUCKS Fortnite and events have become quite the duo over the years. From live concerts to Star Wars Fortnite has truly become more than just a video game it has become popular culture. The latest event continues to confirm this with Marvel and Fortnite coming together to create what has been a very fun event for all fans. Now it seems to be coming to an end with a very special Galactus event and many may be wondering when does it start?

Bombastic events take place in Fortnite at the end of every season. The end of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is decidedly Marvel-themed just like the season itself. Players will have to "join the ultimate fight against Galactus," a classic Marvel villain who devours entire worlds.

When the event started properly Galactus slowly made his way to the island before bellowing the ominous words “Beware. I hunger.” He then slapped the helicarrier out of the sky and players were guided into the action by Iron Man himself. It was a strange event: in order to stop Galactus from destroying the island players had to pilot a version of the iconic battle bus armed with explosives to feed the supervillain. Things played out like an over-the-top arcade shooter and eventually ended with Galactus exploding leaving the island seemingly intact.

Fortnite has been heavy on space content in recent months including a multi-week chase of an ancient astronaut and releasing numerous skins and gear with galactic and "Star Wars" themes. The new season will launch a subscription service for $11.99 monthly. Each month will bring 1,000 V-Bucks or Fortnite currency for players (equivalent to roughly $7.99 USD) access to the current season battle pass and a new skin; the debut outfit tomorrow is a starry wonder called "Galaxia."

Basically participants should expect to play a part in a massive fight against Galactus Buy Fortnite V-BUCKS possibly using Battle Buses and working with the heroes added to the game to stop him. Once he's defeated an exciting cutscene is bound to play and will likely have some game-changing implications for Season 5. protects all sellers from any attempted fraud or chargebacks with TradeShield protection. For these reasons is the best place to buy and sell Fortnite V-BUCKS.

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