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Age of Wushu Dynasty is an MMO, but squished down to fit mobile play sessions

Age of Wushu Dynasty brings you to a wonderfully rendered Chinese-inspired world of MMORPG gaming. If you can dig the instanced stages and repetitive taskings, there is some in-depth battle gameplay waiting for you, and that might just be good enough to hook you in.

Age of Wushu: Dynasty is an interesting one. It's an MMO, but squished down to fit mobile play sessions.

It's got more in common with card battlers than World of Warcraft to some degree. A lot of what you do is automated - tap the quest icon to run around, pass on messages, and occasionally get in some little scraps.

The game retains the skills-based character growth system. But Dynasty goes back to a normal MMO leveling system. The game’s skill system is still surprisingly robust and really hails back to what made Age of Wushu’s rock paper scissors combat so engaging.

The game also retains its oriental theme down to a T. Though it’s still a toss-up sometimes if it’s good or not since there will be moments that you will get sick and tired of seeing the same lily pad pond as you progress through the game.

While PvP and social interaction are a key feature in Age of Wushu Dynasty, they have also put a great effort in making the game a nice PvE experience, suited for that bus trip to work or long game sessions when you’re not feeling well. You have a handful of different story lines to go through, which are kind of cliché for the setting, but they work and they help you to evolve in the 17 professions offered. You also have the possibility to play the game offline in which you are offered some great and rather fun activities to do. Many online mobile games fall into connection issues while playing them on the go, even if you happen to have a full bar 4g connection.

Questing in Age of Wushu Dynasty is similar to most mobile MMORPGs – it’s very linear, and it doesn’t have any side quests. And as is the trend in modern mobile MMORPGs, there is an auto-move feature that will automatically take players to quest objectives. Thisis where questing can be quite boring, if you’re not used to doing mobile MMORPGs. The storyline, well, there’s not much to get excited about there as well. The story mainly revolves around ninjas, bandits, and foreigners invading and plotting against the Chinese empire. In the city, players will be given a linear set of missions ranging from investigating objects, to helping scouts, to helping people in different cities.

Rather than trying to force a genre onto mobile that just doesn't fit, Age of Wushu: Dynasties tries something different, and it just about pulls it off.It's alarmingly slick, really easy to pick up and play, and its short sharp compulsion loops are easy to get entangled in.It might not be the fully fledged MMO some people are hankering for, but, if anything, it's more fun than that. Definitely worth trying out if you like your mobile games with a little depth.

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