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All 20 Premier League grounds will be featured in FIFA 15

For years, FIFA players could pretend to be Chris Brunt, James Morrison, Ben Foster and even Peter Odemwingie. And as much as West Brom fans have enjoyed taking control of their favourite players on the computer game stalwart, there has always been something missing - The Hawthorns. But now the game's maker EA Sport has announced that all 20 Premier League grounds will be featured on the next instalment, FIFA 15. That means Albion fans will no longer have to put up with playing all their home matches in the generic 'Square Ground', which also happens to be the same stadium as Bournemouth or Górnik Zabrze. The famous stadium, the highest of any football league club above sea level, will now take pride of place in the game. On the previous incarnation, FIFA 14, EA Sports only created eight grounds, those that are home to the biggest clubs in the league. But this new move means fans will now be able to 'visit' the Boleyn Ground, Brittania Stadium, and even Turf Moor.

The same can be said of the game’s version of the English Premier League. Though the on-field experience is fairly accurate, the off-field drama is notably absent. During three seasons managing Liverpool, player appeals for extra playing-time become regular annoyances, but not once did I have a player make the tabloids after uttering racial epithets during a stag night. Nor did any player become embroiled in a custody battles or hear Martin Tyler accidentally mutter a sexist remark during a match. Most surprising, though, is the fact that during one of those three seasons, Arsenal won the Premier League title. Arsenal! The Premier League is laughably inauthentic in FIFA 15.

There are still some slight annoyances. Managing FUT, a process that includes trading cards between your active squad and clubhouse via menus, is sluggish. An extra-half second to send your goal keeper to the bench doesn’t seem like much, but that time adds up when you’re juggling a dozen or more cards as you perfect your team’s chemistry. Using the FIFA 15 mobile app to manage FUT isn’t an ideal solution either, as even there – using an iPhone 4 for the purposes of this review – changes can be sluggish. Any irritation from these negligible problems pales in comparison to the new EA Trax soundtrack, which is the worst collection of cloying pop this side of a Target commercial.

This feeds into FIFA's other great strength: its presentation. I'm not including the commentary in this plaudit, however, since Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are as forgettable as ever, an occasional stunted conversation about a team or player's performance at the World Cup aside. It'd be nice if EA could emulate the NBA 2K approach to virtual commentary, perhaps integrating the statistics of the teams into the banter rather than just a bland one-liner about a win or a loss. After all, EA knows a thing or two about football statistics: the English Premier League's official performance index relies on numbers crunched by EA Sports. Those figures are used on a weekly basis to rate the performance of every single player in the league, data which can be fed back into FIFA to update the online rosters week in and week out.

Following the above-mentioned one-off, the main menu opens up and player freedom becomes a virtue. It’s then that users are able to do exactly what they want when they want, whether it’s customizing teams, creating players, formulating game plans or jumping into one of several different modes. There’s a lot to do in FIFA 15, and many hours can be lost within its intricate menus, not to mention its set of revamped gameplay options. Goalline technology will also feature for the first time when the game hits the shelves in the UK on September 26 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The deal has given EA access to capture 3D head scans of over 200 Premier League players, plus capture the emotion of the crowd by recording live match atmosphere during the 2013/14 season.
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