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EA describes the new feature that will be implemented in the game

Another pillar of FIFA 15 is the “dynamic match presentation,” which contributes to the immersion. Here is how EA describes the new feature that will be implemented in the game. “Custom behaviors mean unique crowds with cheers and chants based on their club or country. For example, Liverpool fans at Anfield will be noticeably different to Boca Juniors’ support in La Bombonera.”

EA Sports is pulling a Manchester City with this one. Just like the current Premier League champions, EA has resisted the temptation to break up a winning formula since last season and instead of bringing in fancy new additions, it's only tweaking the areas that are necessary to lead it to another championship this term.

The game will no doubt still infuriate people. Questionable referee decisions, poor shots or tackles, bad decisions by goalkeepers, missing an open goal. These are all things that like you I am sure, I have been left so angry I could break something. But any fan of football who watches their team or like me who plays as well, knows how frustrating the game can be, so if the world is demanding more realism from the game then whether intentionally added or not, these things are adding to the realism of the game.

Video game goalkeepers in general have always been a problem. Like the rest of the game you want them to seem realistic, and yet at the same time you don’t want every game to end in a no score draw. But predictably improving the goalkeepers has meant turning them into supernatural agents of goal-stopping impregnability. Despite all the efforts to humanise the game going up against the new goalies feels completely unrealistic and their abilities are, in their current state, seriously overpowered.
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