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eFootball PES 2021 does a really good job of covering itself

Konami shocked consumers and industry specialists when they announced that this year’s PES 2021 would not be technically a brand new game, but as its full title implies, a season update over last year’s fantastic eFootball PES 2020. The company is focusing on next-gen hardware and the brand new Unreal Engine 5, giving their team enough time to come up with a brand new graphical overhaul and better physics. Because of this, they knew they wouldn’t have time to properly focus on this year’s iteration. They also caused a stir by charging much less than usual for this game when compared to previous PES titles.

It’s really hard to take about Konami’s PES without mentioning EA’s FIFA, as the two rival football games have been at each other for years. Having been away from PES I’m a lot more familiar and comfortable with FIFA. To be fair, I’ve scoffed at PES for its lack of licences and dodgy-looking menus. I’ve dismissing the artisan football gamers proclaiming PES’s superiority as just a bunch of contrary hipsters too proud to admit that EA’s football is the best.

Now if you have played the 2020 version of the game you know what game modes you are going to come up against, if not then you will get the standard play a match straight away mode, but you also get the Master League, myPlayer, and the great myClub mode. Obviously you can still play online in the eFootball section if you want. All these game modes all have their own flair and bring great things to the game. Yes, they are all pretty basic, but depending on how you enjoy your game you get a different challenge. For examples, in the Master League mode, you can chose to either start with the classic Master League team or you can take an already established team through the leagues and just make them even better. So fancy signing Bale to Manchester United, then go for it!

Also, kudos to Konami for toning down shot power a little while also increasing the camera pan speed. The camera can actually keep up with well hit shots now. But back to ball physics for a second. Shots and passes have back/top spin on them, allowing them to either skip out of play or wreak havoc on keepers with hands like Kepa. Shots rattle the posts and crossbars, and even if the keeper parries a shot it doesn’t automatically fall to the feet of an opportunistic attacker.

The rest of the game is exactly what its title implies: an update. The modes are the same as before. The amount of leagues and teams is basically identical, with the exception of one or two teams that have been replaced by generic counterparts due to external licensing issues, such as Brazil’s Palmeiras. There are a few new licensed player faces, brand new player stats, a few new kits, and that’s it. The visuals are still the same, being most likely the last time the FOX Engine will ever be used, and the sound department is still comprised of good narration and forgettable indie music when you’re in a menu.

The game also features a licenced version of the UEFA Euro 2020 international tournament featuring the participating 55 teams. There are over 60 licenced international teams with the others featuring fictional kits, some with fictional player names as well. There are also 21 licenced leagues, but unfortunately, not the English Premiership.

All in all, though the game features a massive opportunity to play with real licenced teams and players. The game does a really good job of covering itself were it doesn’t have the official licences by having crafty similar player names. If you’ve the patience, you can edit the unlicenced teams to match the real ones. If you are extra crafty, you can also find data files on the Internet that will update all the team names, players and strips to the real ones! has Cheap PES 2021 Mobile Account prices with sufficient stock are available here, most PES 2021 Mobile Account will be delivered instantly, mutiple secure global payments for selection, 24/7 online customer service provide outstanding service. If you not receive your PES 2021 Mobile Account timely or there are any problems about your order, please feel free to contact us through our Live Chat.
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