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Fans urge FIFA 18 Black Friday Boycott

The movement has gained momentum across social media channels, with numerous Reddit threads documenting fans’ problems and concerns with the game. Numerous FIFA Twitch streamers and YouTubers have also announced their decision to quit the game this year due to severe issues with patches affecting game balance.

There are numerous Reddit posts addressing the #FixFIFA movement, but one of the highest voted threads outlines some of the core issues, including:

    • The poor drop rates of high level cards in player packs, encouraging players to pay real money.
    • Post-launch patches having a detrimental effect on the game.
    • FIFA’s Weekend League, which offers the highest rewards in Ultimate Team, requires a huge time investment which is unhealthy for people. Players have to commit to playing 40 matches in a weekend, which can mean 13 hours of game time.
    • Other game modes have been neglected in favour of FIFA Ultimate Team because of how profitable FUT is.
    • Fans believe that EA needs to be more transparent with changes it makes to the game, preventing theories including the impact of team momentum on results.

As part of this movement, users are calling on players to boycott EA’s FIFA Black Friday promotions and not buy any FUT points or packs with real money. A petition has also reached almost 27,000 signatures demanding EA address fan concerns and make changes.

Following the widespread negative response to EA’s implementation of microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2, in which progression was linked to loot boxes and caused a mass backlash among fans, this is yet another piece of bad publicity the publisher can ill afford. EA subsequently removed all microtransactions from the game, but only temporarily, promising they will return at a later date and continue to be tied to player progression. Need for Speed Payback, another EA title with randomised loot boxes and paid microtransactions, also recently balanced its systems to make them somewhat fairer following a similar backlash.

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