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Fifa 15’s push for additional emotion isn’t limited to those on the pitch

Few sports video games can match the reach of FIFA. The biggest question when one franchise is on top for so long, however, is whether it can make enough improvements on a yearly basis to keep or build upon its fanbase.

The trailer for the upcoming FIFA 15 by Electronic Arts promises players with “emotions and intensity.” The game will be released in November this year. The trailer explores the interactions between the players of both teams and the role of fans during matches. The trailer also reveals that players will have different feelings and attitudes towards other players, be it teammates or opponents, while on the playing field.

The game’s push for additional emotion isn’t limited to those on the pitch. Channon appears disinterested in featuring real managers along the same lines as EA’s international footy titles – “It’s worked in the World Cup games, but I don’t know that it’s an area of focus for us” – but does confirm that attention has been paid to making fans appear more involved. “The crowd is much more intelligent of context and what’s going on. The atmosphere will be different for a big title clash than for a meaningless end of season.

And while all this is going on, the game’s player and crowd animations track the narrative of the match too. “We’ve done a lot of work on the context of the matches, on players and teams knowing what’s at stake,” says Channon. “City v Liverpool is a big game, one of the biggest in the season, so that atmosphere will feel different, much more intense – the intelligent crowd know that. If it’s not going to well, they react.”

As is usually the case with FIFA, it doesn't sound like there were any major overhauls. That's in large part because they aren't necessary; the developers are always working from a solid foundation. The early reviews sound generally positive, and the quicker pace of play sounds like a hit. It shows the developers have a good read on the facets of the game to attack, which has helped the franchise stay on top for so long.

FIFA 15 seems ready to continue that streak.
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