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FIFA 15 is one of the most highly anticipated games this year

FIFA 15 is one of the most highly anticipated games this year, especially with the latest generation of consoles with higher capabilities. The popular sports video game is expected to offer a more realistic gameplay through improved graphics and artificial intelligence.

In other news, rumors also include the leaked ratings of some players, giving an idea of how they will be performing in the upcoming game. David de Gea, for example, enjoys a rating of 84 as the Premier League's most-improved goalkeeper over the last two seasons. This is a two-point boost from last year's 82, following the Spanish keeper's recent impressive performances, What Culture reports.

“If you start losing 4-0 after 25 minutes, the players won’t crumble; the stadium won’t be in tears; the commentator won’t be in so much shock that he becomes almost like a poet and says, ‘Everyone who’s witnessing that knows that they’re witnessing history,’ and you can feel it in the way that the fans behave, the way that the players behave, the way the commentator speaks,” said Jaramillo. “I think those are the things we don’t quite have, because they’re rare, and you need moments like that to inspire you.”

Therefore, while it’s more difficult to take on an entire team’s defence by yourself, passing your way through the lines is more a valid option than ever. Such improvements apply to each of the game’s players, not just the attackers; helping you pass the ball out of defence during potentially dangerous moments, or allowing you to opt for a calmer, slower possession-based game.
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