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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: A Brilliant Game with Certain Level of Difficulty

Reviewing FIFA on the Vita gets to be more of a chore each year. How should I approach it? Should I go with a fresh approach every time and review the game on its own merits? As to be honest, that’s becoming increasingly difficult although I can’t imagine anyone being happy if I took the EA approach and just pasted last year’s review with different screens. Should I compare the performance to the existing Vita games AND those on other systems? The Vita certainly isn’t as powerful as other consoles but the series has seen some evolution and changes elsewhere are relevant, at least to me. To be honest, I think the all-round best way to tackle FIFA 15 on the Vita is to find a balance between the two viewpoints.
So here we are, another year, another FIFA, and after a few months of hearing EA Sports hail its upcoming FIFA as the greatest yet, and the biggest in terms of innovation, guess what? It’s not. In fact, it’s almost stagnated a little, and aside from the gameplay, which feels quite different in many respects - and not all for good reasons - it’s still the same ol’ FIFA.
That means many hours - and often real money! - sunk into Ultimate Team, which now has loan deals and concept teams, it means you smashing your mates online or on the couch in matches or seasons, the usual training drills, the hefty career mode and so on. All the usual gubbins are present and correct with nothing new of note, really. However, the game itself has had a lot of tweaks, some for better, some for worst.

That FIFA 15 is a very enjoyable football game will not come as a shock, given the strength of the series over the last few years, but it’s worth noting that there are tweaks that improve the experience. While fancy flicks and tricks are of course part of your arsenal, it’s satisfying to find you can dribble successfully by paying careful attention to the positioning of your opponents and making intelligent use of changes of pace. The transition between sprinting and running feels more natural, too, and physical tussles are pleasingly tactile. When it comes to improvements, EA has spent a good deal of time talking about changes they’ve made to goalkeepers in FIFA 15. We’ve still seen some buffoonish behaviour from the men between the sticks (and indeed, outfield players) but EA’s claims aren’t all bluster - in particular, we’ve noticed a greater urgency from goalkeepers that allows them to get up for shots that result from rebounds. We also have to say that FIFA 15’s ball physics are incredibly impressive, compensating for some of the lack of variety we mentioned earlier when it comes to the structure of the game by creating unique moments that arise from the ball’s natural movement.
Players seem contextually aware of others around them on the field, and they means putting their hands up in natural ways when competing for the ball and even flailing about properly after a quality tackle. Yes, there are still over-exaggerated jitters and freak outs when collisions happen, but my time with FIFA 15 hasn’t matched my time with last year’s version when it comes to watching player bodies go absolutely nuts. It happens less here, which is good.
But that polish, and the overwhelming urge to build your own team into something formidable, makes FIFA 15 Ultimate Team well worth a look. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a brilliantly put together football game. Its free to play mechanics don't get in the way of your enjoyment, but if you want to splurge they're reasonably priced.
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