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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Transfer Market will be inaccessible via the Web and Companion Apps

Fifa 15 is also big on emotion. EA Sports claims there are more than 600 new emotions that can be seen on the pitch. All I know is that the players are more animated than ever. A striker grimaces when he misses a chance to score. A goalkeeper shouts at his defenders for failing to protect him. A player reacts angrily to a bad tackle. Players on the bench react accordingly when a goal is scored or disallowed. Even the linesman offers a wry smile when he flags for offside. All these new features - emotions, better ball physics and goal-scoring randomness - added together make Fifa 15 the best football simulation game.

Importantly, despite the range of visual and mechanical improvements, FIFA 15 still feels like a FIFA game should. While the introduction of the Ignite engine to FIFA 14 made that game feel a bit clunky at times, those issues have been pretty much ironed-out in 15, maintaining the realism of 14, but feeling a bit more like the better-flowing efforts of 2011 and 2013. My 3-0 spanking of Manchester City was a lot of fun, and introduced the new content without overpowering the old. While EA are still going to milk the cash-cow that is FIFA Ultimate Team for all it’s worth in the coming years, it’s good to know that at least some of that money is going into improving the game for everyone from the rankest amateur to the most hard-core professionals.

Since there are several modes to choose from, you'll find something that fits what you like. I mainly play Kick-off, Online Seasons, and FIFA Ultimate Team. I haven't even touched career mode yet, and I'm probably not going to. If you aren't careful, you can easily get addicted to FIFA Ultimate Team. This is FIFA's most popular mode. It lets you manage, buy, sell, and trade players to build your own team. You can then play seasons offline and online against other gamers' ultimate teams. You'll be tempted to create a team full of superstars, however, there are limitations that prevent you from doing that. Team chemistry is very important and your team won't be very successful if that number is low. Chemistry is higher when players are in positions they usually play in, and when teammates are from the same country, league, or club. Players with similar skill levels tend to have better chemistry too.

Similarly, it’s disappointing that EA neglected to include Be-A-Migrant-Worker and Be-A-Persecuted-Person modes. Their motto may be ‘It’s in the Game,’ but when it comes to experiencing digital homophobic oppression, it’s not. Though the FIFA series has made great strides in accurately replicating soccer’s scouting network, the game’s version of the transfer market doesn’t quite hit the mark. From the first instance users load manager mode, they will be confronted by transfer offers and contract negotiations, but for the most part these are all handled in a relatively straight-forward process: ‘make an offer, receive a counter, accept the counter, offer a contract, sign the player.’ The only exceptions to this come when players turn down contract offers for the benefit of staying at their favored clubs.

We have included some tweets above left on Twitter a few moments ago, which reveal players trying to find out exactly what’s going on with EA servers right now. As you can see, it looks like this is EA server problems and impacting more than just FIFA 15. Battlefield and Madden have also been mentioned. Update: EA Support issued a statement late last night explaining the “FIFA Ultimate Team Transfer Market will be inaccessible via the Web and Companion Apps”. They mentioned that this will be the case, “until further notice”, as they are performing “important maintenance”.
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