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FIFA 15 update include a fix for stuttering experienced by PS4 players in online and offline modes

Earlier in the day EA had said that it would provide an update at 6pm, but when the update came it was only confirmation that people would have to keep waiting. In an update on its Twitter account this afternoon EA said it was still working hard on the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team web app and promised that it would launch this evening: In preperation for the launch EA has released the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team apps for Android and iOS, although the iOS version is only available to download from the Canadian App Store at present.  EA was expected to launch the hotly-anticipated FIFA 15 web app yesterday, but struggled to get it online in time. Ultimate Team was down for maintenance yesterday, with EA saying it was carrying out "scheduled maintenance".

Would you believe that AAA mainstream games are being infiltrated with bots and coin sellers? Yep, the long-time residents of PC-based MMOs, where gold sellers have a lucrative gray-market stranglehold on the gaming scene, are beginning to invade console gaming. Why? Because of microtransactions. Gearnuke is reporting that EA has updated their EA Sports page, and they are attempting to ban the botters and players who are partaking in the trading. I doubt EA will ever change from their current course down the deep hole that is microtransactions, especially following their undeterred support for games like Dungeon Keeper.

On the plus side, you can now pick up great players such as Marco Reus for a minimum of 65,000 FUT 15 coins which is not bad at all. The same goes for Arsenal FC star Alexis Sanchez who has a min of 65,000 as well and a max of 100,000. Make sure you read through the FIFA 15 price range adjustments for March 12 in the link above and give us your thoughts on the changes. Overall, is this a good move by EA or a bad one?

The biggest problem critics and gamers have with FIFA 15 is the fact shooting seems a bit off compared to last year's game and the keepers are just too darn good. Thankfully EA Sports has been listening to fan feedback and has today released a new game update for the PS4 version (Xbox One to follow soon) which promises to right the game's wrongs. We're yet to try out the update for ourselves, but we're certainly hoping the changes turn FIFA 15 into the brilliant game it so nearly was at launch. Further improvements promised by the game update include a fix for stuttering experienced by PS4 players in online and offline modes. Goal line technology was also a little buggy, so this has been straightened out.

EA are set to release the upgrades for their Ultimate Teams in February. For those of us who play EA Sports’ FIFA, we are constantly looking to the future to see when our players get their upgrades and who to look out for.
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FIFA 15 patch addresses shooting and goalkeepers

Elsewhere, the latest patch also fixes various bugs, as you can see in the patch notes:

    Adjusted Legendary difficulty in gameplay.

    Updated real-world injuries and suspensions in Match Day Live.

    Improvements to 'Looking Ahead' audio in Career.

    Fixes to Player selection in Team Management in multiplayer matches.

    Fix for instances where Player Instructions in Seasons mode were not carrying over into gameplay via Team Management.

    Further improvements to Player Search in Career Mode.
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