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FIFA 15 will be released for Sony's PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4

FIFA 15 will be released for Sony's PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, as well as for Microsoft's Xbox One and PC in North America this Sept. 23. In Europe it will be on Sept. 26, 2014.

This year's FIFA edition has been duly anticipated as it promises new and revolutionary features like the Emotional Intelligence of the on-screen players, the keener, more adept Next Gen Goalkeepers; as well as the overall improvement in terms of graphic realism. Earlier this September, a game demo was released featuring three new teams – Chelsea, Liverpool, and Napoli. More recently, a report by The Epoch Times tallies the players for each of the leagues that are to be seen in the upcoming game.

It seems like every EA game revamped its crowd-appearance for the next generation and FIFA is no different. Fans of different teams can now be heard engaging in specific chants and in general seem to be more reactionary to the action unfolding on the field. The crowd and player responses to goals are much improved, in large part because of cameramen placed on the sidelines who film the celebrations.

Clearly, the next generation of console hardware has allowed Electronic Arts to experiment with a ton of different techniques. In the video users actually get to see the developer model players hair in ways to match their real life counterpart. Thanks to lighting and resolution upgrades EA says that FIFA 15 buyers should expect players to look more lifelike. Those who watch closely will also notice that player’s breath and their hair moves.
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