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Goalkeepers have been rewritten for FIFA 15

One of the very first things I’ve noticed in 15, is that touches on the ball — whether passes, dribbles, shots, or accidental deflections — feel incredibly crisp. The ball appears to jump off of whatever it touches, which brings up the speed of play and allows offensive players more control.

In FIFA 15, your teammates and opponents now recognise what is happening in a match and will adjust their tactics and playing style to gain the advantage. Park the Bus, In The Mixer, and Time Wasting – familiar tactics you’ll need to overcome. You’ll also be able to set your team mentality to Park the Bus to counter your opponent’s Team Tactics.

The last incarnation of the series had a slightly lethargic feel to it, which seemed to be EA’s attempt at making the game more realistic and less like Mario Strikers. And while they did achieve an authentic feel, the game’s pace somewhat turned it into a contest to see who could “build up” a better attack, with less emphasis on one-on-ones and distance shooting.

You’ll see long balls pinged into the box as your AI opponent tries to get back in the game, or watch them head for the corner flag as they attempt to wind down the clock. Compared with FIFA 14, where your opponent would look to retain the ball and perhaps play conservatively, in FIFA 15 they will attempt riskier attacking runs – this gives you more variety and a more human opponent.

Goalkeepers have been rewritten for FIFA 15. The most requested gameplay improvement from FIFA fans, Goalkeepers will now look, move, and think like their real world counterparts with a new intelligence system that allows keepers to better anticipate shots and passes, and display an array of new save animations. Keeper movement is now fluid and responsive.
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