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Good news for 4Story players and anyone looking for a new MMORPG game,4Story Origin is coming

MMORPG stayed, serving as Turkish in Turkey. One of them is 4Story. The producer of the 4story'n published by Gameforge in Turkey according to information from Zemi Interactive, are working on a new MMORPG. The name of the game is not yet clear, but there are predictions that 4Story:Origin will be. Let's look into the details about the new MMORPG game.

4Story puts players in the three kingdoms of Iveria: DeFugel, Craxion, and Broa. Blessed by Rea, the Goddess of creation, these kingdoms have yet managed to bring war upon each other, all in an effort to force their ‘truths’ upon one another. Into this turmoil you are born, a hero destined to seek and find the real truth buried in hundreds of thousands of years of chaos and war.

4Story Origin, an open world MMO with various PvP systems, is an Action RPG consisting of 3 races, 6 classes and various seamless maps. Players will wonder in the wild to fight monsters and enemy nation players and loot the area to fit themselves to find yet another challenges.

According to the studio, the decision to postpone the title was made so that new features are added to the game. This is the second time that the title release has been postponed, and therefore, the announcement ended up displeasing several fans of the title.

“Dear players, we will be adding more features to the new game. Therefore, we regret to announce that 4Story Origin will be released after the end of July. Sorry I'm late. We will try to make 4Story the game that players have always wanted. ”

4Story Origin is Coming
In 4story'n to Turkey remained a bone mass and players say the small number of players on fire. If you ask me, there are even more players than a game released in 2008. Unfortunately, today's MMORPG players do not prefer such established games, so only the bone mass remains in the game. Even if they do, they will most likely fall far behind the current players since they start too late.

Fortunately, good news for 4Story players and anyone looking for a new MMORPG game: 4Story Origin is coming!

  •     Territory Wars - At certain times each and every day, a ‘territory war’ will break out between two rival kingdoms. Fight in these wars for your kingdom, and if you can control of the territory, your kingdom’s players will have access to more adventure locations and more opportunities to find treasures.
  •     Enormous Quests - 4Story comes complete with a grand main quest line, along with myriad sub and hidden quests.
  •     Hidden Secrets - Within each quest are clues to finding a hidden, secret quest, an adventure-within-an-adventure, waiting for heroes to take the challenge of finding them.
  •     Legendary Weapons - Many of the weapons in 4Story are graded ‘F’ to ‘SSS’. These weapons can level with your character, and be upgraded to a maximum level of 24. Not only that, but the legendary options for these weapons may be transferred to other like weapons.
  •     R.S.T.S (Real-time Strategic Command System) - 4Story allows players to command up to 48 others, and is made possible by the unique R.S.T.S. system. Simply by using the minimap, a commander can monitor a real-time battle and fluidly issue orders just with mouse clicks.
  •     Mounts - Mounts are almost always a more viable means of travel, and 4Story has them in abundance, from slow, easy-going mounts, to those that are as fast as the winds.

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