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Grab a new Shift code for Borderlands 3 before it expires

If you're considering a jaunt to Pandora this weekend, or a little off-planet shooting and looting, why not go out with a spare Golden Key in your pocket? Borderlands 3 Shift codes have been a bit hard to come by since launch, typically expiring within a day or two of being posted to Twitter. This one's no different, but we did spot it fresh out of Randy Pitchford's tweet oven, so here's the head's up: This code will unlock one Golden Key in Borderlands 3 if you redeem it by Saturday, October 26 at 8 am PST. By the way, you can buy Cheap BL3 Cash from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “5MMO”.

This one is in celebration of the game’s current Halloween event, Bloody Harvest. Unlike some SHiFT Codes that Pitchford’s doled out, this one doesn’t expire immediately. You have until 10 am CST to redeem the Code, which you can do in-game or at this website. Once you have the Golden Key you’re all set. You can use it at the chest in Sanctuary right away or save it for a rainy day. It promises Epic or Legendary loot, but you’re more likely to get the former by a long mile. In any case, here’s the SHiFT Code: CHCBT-TF6HB-ZC3WC-BT333-KBR3B

You can enter a Shift code in game, or head to the Gearbox website. Golden Keys unlock a special chest in Sanctuary, which gives you a decent shot at some rare loot. If you haven't activated any Shift codes up to this point, you're in luck: our Shift codes guide includes some non-expiring codes, good for 8 Golden Keys, and more info on how to redeem them. If you want to Buy Borderlands 3 Items, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

Borderlands 3 is in a strange moment, right now. It’s not meant to be a games-as-service title along the lines of Destiny 2, and yet everything the game has done since launch seems to point in that direction. We’ve had a series of special bonus weeks to celebrate a major anniversary, we’ve had some major nerfs to fan-favorite builds, and now we’ve got our first major piece of free content: a Halloween event. And there’s something about a limited-time holiday event that just sort of screams games-as-service.
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