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Here is how to complete the Headliners Milinkovic-Savic SBC

The first Headliners SBC player arrived. Milinkovic-Savic has just received his dynamic orange letter, and it will be available until January 10. In Serie A we find several useful transferable midfielders, so it must have enough virtues to justify its price. Let's see if that is the case.

Also this year we will try, throughout the season, to keep track of all the squad creation challenges by providing you with information on the requirements to complete them, on the rewards that can be obtained and on some of the possible solutions!

We remind you that in many cases it is more convenient to try to use the cards you have within your club, taking a cue from the players used in the solutions on FUTBIN (same nationality, same league, same role) but not using exactly the same ones that often they could have a higher price, inflated by the fact that so many people buy them to complete the challenge

Here's how to complete the Headliners Milinkovic-Savic SBC:

Segment 1
    #of Players from Lazio: Min. 1
    Team of the Week Players: Min. 1
    Squad Rating: 82
    Team Chemistry: 80
    # of Players in the Squad: 11
    REWARD: Premium Electrum Players Pack

Segment 2
    # of Players from Serie A: Min. 1
    Team of the Week Players: Min. 1
    Squad Rating: 85
    Team Chemistry: 75
    # of Players in the Squad: 11
    REWARD: Prime Electrum Players Pack

Headliners SMS costs around 160,000 coins to complete from scratch. He has great stats outside of his low Agility and Balance. Although, there are also premium options in the position already released including Flashback Sami Khedira and Freeze Giorgio Chiellini.

Possible solutions:
Solutions: Click on the button and select one of the possible solutions (N.B. Each of the lines contains the link to a possible rose to use to complete the challenge. Click on the name written in the Name column to see the formation used). Pay attention to the numbers written in the Loyalty and Position Change columns, which indicate how many players with loyalty and how many with the role change are needed to meet the requirements using that particular solution.

If you want to knock out this SBC and claim the 88-OVR Serb for yourself, you have a week (7 days) until Sunday, January 10 to do so.

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