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How to Build No. 1 Cheapest Squade in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in fifa 15. Most players love this game and play it often. So do you know how to create the cheapest squade? If you do know, you can share with us, if not, you might like this new. 
Creating cheap gold teams is particularly difficult right now due to limited amounts of each player being available on the market place. Prices typically cheapen as the year progresses and each professional becomes more common. This means it may be wise idea to wait before making any major purchases. Until that time arrives, you’re going to need a side worthy of the recession we’ve so gloriously embraced.
The hybrid squads are the most perfect. They allow us to go to other leagues and look for players to complete the positions we need. If built well, a hybrid team can join good chemistry via a bigger variety of quality players. Building a hybrid team with good chemistry may not be easy. This technique consists, if the formation allows us, in cutting the team in half. Each side is filled with players from one league or one nationality. That is enough to get high chemistry, because there will be no player with more than one dead link.

To show you how well this technique works, we have built a Serie A / Barclays PL hybrid. The right side of the team is filled with players of the Italian league and the left side is filled with players of the English league. As you can see on the image below, all players have individual chemistry of 10. Every player that has a dead link, needs a strong or a hyper link to reaches the maximum chemistry.
It's difficult that won't lose any fifa 15 coins when your invest in a decent team sometimes. so we researched the rare silver 74-rated players to see whether could build a decent team, whilst ensuring you CAN’T lose any of your precious FUT coins! 74-rated rare silver players have a quick sell value of 259 coins, so we had to win these players for 150-200-250 coins respectively, on open bid/buy now ONLY! 
Remember, you can't buy coins, so everything is earnable through playing. Don't spend your coins all willy-nilly, as the only way to get them is to play matches and sell items. It helps keep the economy of the game in order since you can't directly just effortlessly buy coins and wreck the transfer market. If you're smart and handle your money wisely, you can buy more valuable card packs instead of spending money on dinky lower-tier packs. And remember: every card pack (the exception being that limited-time RED pack) can be bought with coins.
As for Ultimate Team, a football sim Top Trumps hybrid and the franchise’s most popular game mode (as EA keeps telling us), many of the old truths remain. The gameplay is faster and more arcade-like than in the other modes, and the defenders seem more error-prone. As a consequence, this encourages online players to adopt an ugly, high-pressure, route one style of football, with an over-reliance on lofted through balls to a fast striker lurking on the shoulders of the defence - simply because this tactic is so effective. Ultimate Team is a still a fun and addictive game mode, but the beautiful game it ain’t.
The trading card aspect of this mode has undergone some more drastic changes. EA has removed the ability to trade cards between friends as this was being exploited by websites selling digital, in-game “coins” for real, physical money. This would inflate the mode’s transfer market and bump top player cards like Hazard, Bale and Ibrahimovic up to prices that would make even the president of Real Madrid’s eyes water. Fifa 15 allows any and every Ultimate Team player to try out football’s elite, however, by introducing the ability to sign a player on loan for a few games.
FIFA’s Ultimate Team continues to be the most popular mode in FIFA 15, and with it players seem to be getting stronger than ever and putting together some frightening line-ups. With the introduction of loan players, teams can include the likes of Messi and Ibrahimovic alongside some of League One’s finest.
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