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How to complete FIFA 22 Base ICON Upgrade

FIFA 22 Base Icon Upgrade SBC released Nov. 8 after days of it being rumored on social media.As expected, it is a Base ICON Upgrade SBC that has arrived, allowing FIFA fans the opportunity to pick up an ICON, guaranteed.

What are FIFA 22 Base ICONS?
Icons are extremely powerful cards to use in-game, due to their high overalls and ability to be matched with all leagues for at least yellow chemistry.There are already some top names released in the game and EA will likely be adding more cards to the FUT system as the season rolls on.

They still come with all the same chemistry benefits, where they link to everyone regardless of league or nation, but their stats are more modest than the Mid or Prime versions.

Base ICON Upgrade Requirements
You will have to submit four squads in order to get your hands on the Base ICON pack.

The requirements for all four are as follows:
85-Rated Squad

    Team of the Week Players: Min 1
    Squad Rating: Min 85
    Team Chemistry: Min 55
    Reward: One Small Prime Electrum Players Pack

86-Rated Squad

    Squad Rating: Min 86
    Team Chemistry: Min 50
    Reward: One Premium Mixed Players Pack

86-Rated Squad

    Team of the Week Players: Min 1
    Squad Rating: Min 86
    Team Chemistry: Min 45
    Reward: One Small Prime Gold Players Pack

87-Rated Squad

    Squad Rating: Min 87
    Team Chemistry: Min 40
    Reward: One Prime Mixed Players Pack

It is worth noting that this SBC is non-repeatable, meaning that players will only get one shot at getting an Icon via this method.The actual Icon that players will receive in-game will vary, so you are not guaranteed the exact card you may be wanting, this isn’t an Icon Player Pick!

According to FUTBIN, the whole SBC is clocking in at between 459,000 to 512,000 coins depending on which platform you play on. Each individual challenge also rewards players with a free pack, so keep your fingers crossed for some good SBC fodder in any of those.

Is the Base ICON Upgrade worth it?
The market has been notoriously dead this year, but as we mentioned earlier if you have to buy every player for each SBC you’re looking at a nearly 500,000 coin dent in your savings.

Ultimately, we wouldn’t recommend completing the Base ICON Upgrade unless you would only have to spend around 100,000 coins in total.

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