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Immortals Fenyx Rising will launch early next month

Immortals Fenyx Rising Gold Edition Slated to launch early next month Immortals Fenyx Rising looks to be a fun departure from Ubisoft's traditional line-up of annual franchises. Set on the Golden Isle it sees the player assume the role of Fenyx as they take the fight to a number of mythological beasts and monsters in an adventure to save the gods of Olympus.

Ubisoft has released this trailer for an Immortals Fenyx Rising meets Adventure Time collaborative effort. However it's unclear if this is the beginning of a larger crossover or just an isolated advertisement. The game could very well have some side quest content based on Finn and Jake.

It's right around this point that things start to look a little desperate for our heroes. But never fear! Fenyx is here! While Finn and Jake mistake them for Marcelline the Vampire Queen Fenyx doesn't mind as they makes quick work of the Cerberus with a few strokes of the sword. Fenyx appears in the trailer in Pendleton Ward's distinct but simplistic art style complete with dotted eyes and noodly arms. But being a cartoon doesn't make them any less powerful able to strike down the three-headed pooch and bail Finn and Jake out. The two of them are certainly impressed by their heroics.

There’s no denying Immortals: Fenyx Rising is one of the best looking games we’ve seen in a long time. From it’s lush and magical environments to it’s almost Pixar quality cutscenes our jaws were on the floor even while having just streamed the game at a lower resolution from Ubisoft’s servers than we'd expect to see in person.

It won't be long until Immortals: Fenyx Rising hits shelves with the game slated for release on December 3 for current and next-generation consoles. It looks to be a substantial open-world experience boasting giant monsters to fight tons of upgrades to amass and sprawling environments to journey across. With players likely looking for some big experiences to grab on their PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X next month Immortals Fenyx Rising Season Pass Immortals Fenyx Rising looks to be one of the holiday's more high-profile blockbuster releases.

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