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Infinity Blade 3 get its first content update Soul Hunter

Infinity Blade 3 developer Chair Entertainment will release the game's first content update, Soul Hunter, on Halloween, the studio announced today.

Soul Hunter, which is compatible with iOS 6 and 7, brings in a new campaign quest that sees playable characters Siris and Isa face off against a new foe, Oslim the Deathless Bloodmage. Oslim, who wields the dual Infinity Blades, is sent by the Worker of Secrets to stop Isa and Siris from finding an ancient observatory. Once users take him down, they'll be able to use the Infinity Blades with Siris.

Soul Hunter includes two new armor sets, one each for Isa and Siris: the Vile and Stealth sets, respectively. It also features four additional explore quests, a Pumpkin Helm for Halloween, a variety of balance tweaks and other adjustments meant to improve the user experience. For example, players who have completed the game will now be able to skip the tutorial, closing cinematic and end credits. If you want to know where is the safest place to buy Infinity Blade 3 Items, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

The update itself is massive, as evidenced in its lengthy change log which lists off several additions and improvements. Among the changes are various new items, new goals, and an all-new quest that includes a new location and enemy…

The update will go live on iOS and includes a new quest that sees Isa and Siris fighting a new enemy, Oslim the Deathless Bloodmage. Gotta love that name chap. He wields dual Infinity Blades and if you take him down you can claim them as your own. The pack also includes a new Vile Armour set for Siris and a Stealth Armour set for Isa.There are four new explore quests, extra challenge tiers, smoother response times and a Pumpkin Helm.
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