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Microsoft is preparing changes to the Windows 10 Start Menu

The Microsoft is preparing changes to the Windows Start Menu Windows 10 and will de-emphasize the ignored Live Tiles, as shown in screenshots revealed by the company. Recently, company officials confirmed that they are working on design changes to the system’s initial interface to bring a cleaner user experience, and one of the confirmed options is the power to disable dynamic blocks.

The information was revealed in a podcast with Microsoft employees. The company’s designers said the Redmond giant is exploring new visual possibilities for the Start Menu and even displayed the interface that goes from “chaotic colors to something more uniform”.

With the change, the Start Menu will have more integration with the light and dark themes of the operating system. In addition, the blocks will have app icons, follow a transparency pattern and will not have different colors. Microsoft employees also confirmed that it will be possible to disable Live Tiles completely, but that the functionality will still exist.

While Microsoft appears to be keeping Live Tiles for now, albeit in a very pared-back form, their days may still be numbered. According to The Verge, Microsoft hasn’t made its mind up on what to do with Live Tiles just yet, and will be keeping an eye on feedback from people using Windows 10X, the dual-screen version of Windows 10, which has a Start menu that doesn’t feature Live Tiles.Other than that, it seems the upcoming Start menu will look quite similar to the existing one, but anything Microsoft does to make the Start menu less cluttered and easier to use is a good move in our view.

The new Windows 10X Start menu looks very different to the existing menu found in the desktop version of Windows 10. It includes apps you can pin in place and a list of recent documents, and looks like more of a task launcher than what exists right now. Windows 10’s Start menu design has come into focus recently after Microsoft started rolling out colorful new Windows 10 icons. The new icons clash a little with the colorful background of the Start menu tiles, and this small design update is clearly aimed at resolving that. Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap Windows 10 CD Key for players.
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