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NBA 2K22 Release Date,cover stars,demo, more

NBA 2K21 is a cross-gen title, so many basketball fans hoped that the creators of Visual Concepts would put aside PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for the next project, while focusing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

In a post shared on social media, the official release date of the NBA 2K22 game was fully featured. At the same time, it has become relatively clear which players will take part in the NBA 2K22 game, as well as the cover image of the game.

What seems way more real is the Legends cover art as 2K Intel shared via Twitter a photograph of the alleged game where we can see legends Lakers’ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki accompanied by Nets’ star Kevin Durant.

Release Date: When Is NBA 2K22 Coming Out?
It looks like NBA 2K22 will be released on September 10, 2022, for both current consoles (PS5, Xbox Series S/X) and last-generation consoles (PS4, Xbox One). The game will also likely be coming to PC and Google Stadia.

The NBA 2K series always kicks off the excitement with a massive trailer that allows players a brief look at the game, its release date, and possibly even the reveal of the cover star.

Although we're a long way from the first NBA 2K22 trailer, meanwhile, gamers can enjoy the next-gen graphics and gameplay of NBA 2K21 as a massive jump overall.

NBA 2K22 Top Players
It is also certain that the players in the cover image of the NBA 2K22 game will be listed among the best players. They will share the top three places with LeBron James (97 points), Antetokounmpo (96 points) and Kevin Durant (96 points). Again, after this trio, Kawli Leonard and Steph Curry will complete the top 5 places with an average of 96 points.

Will NBA 2K22 Have Any New Gameplay Features?
Most of the new gameplay features in NBA 2K21 were quality of life improvements, like more realistic-feeling gameplay thanks to the new controllers that have adaptive triggers.

Some games have suggested features like a player’s hot streak and confidence being shown through subtle actions and having some sort of dynamic with the coach, especially if the player follows or disobeys his instructions.

If NBA 2K22 development follows the pattern of previous releases, players should expect a demo of NBA 2K22 in August 2021.

This will give players enough time to test the game, and if it is similar to the NBA 2K21 demo, it will allow players to try out new builds of MyPLAYER.

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