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Once you get past these two FIFA 16 release dates there are no more coming

EA promises console quality gameplay on your smartphone and tablet with the new EA Sports FIFA game. This is basically FIFA 16 for iPhone, iPad and Android, but it no longer carries a yearly designator. Once you get past these two FIFA 16 release dates there are no more coming, so the wait is minimal. He’s surely a special talent, but that won’t stop his ability and potential being given the glossy treatment after the decision makers see his supreme salary. New Madrid boss Rafa Benitez has already earmarked the Norwegian to feature for the first team during the upcoming campaign, and that will only go further towards jumping him ratings up.
OK, let’s be honest and take a step in the right direction by admitting that diving is a real thing in leagues today. That said, we bring this up for two reasons. First, there’s controversy. Some guys would rather get caught reading Fifty Shades of Grey on a train than get caught diving in football. Second, diving in FIFA 16 does not technically exist. When should you pull off a lob shot? Do it if you are one-on-one with the goalie and he sprints away from the net in a desperate attempt to reach you. Right before he gets to you and dives at the ball, hit this shot, and if done right, it should go right over him and into the back of the net. There is nothing scarier for a keeper or more comforting for an attacker than the trusty 2 vs 1. When you are on a break and the only thing next to you is a ready and willing teammate, you are practically guaranteed the goal. Make sure you and your partner are both even and a good distance apart. Make the goalie charge after you and then pass the ball to your partner. He should have a very easy and unmissable open net. If this happens when playing with a buddy and he misses, make sure he doesn’t live it down for the rest of the night.

By default, FIFA 16 is set to assisted shooting. This means that whenever you take a shot, the computer ultimately directs the shot and determines its power for you in relation to where you? directed the shot and how long you held the stick for. Once you set your shooting settings to manual, you will realize just how much the computer helps you get your shots on target. When you first set manual settings, don't be discouraged by how your shots go everywhere but into the net. You will improve over time and in the end it will be worth it as your shots will be determined 100% by your command. This means that once you get good, you can hit the far corners out of the keepers reach much more frequently than if you'd spent the same amount of time practicing shooting with assisted settings.
For more help on FIFA 16, read our Passing Tips, Crossing Tips and Ultimate Team Trading Guide. Once you get in the position, slow down and if possible, make your player stop for a moment. Since these shots suffer from reduced power, the best situation to use them is when your player is standing near the edge of the box. Unfortunately we haven’t mastered manual shooting and doubt anyone else has. We have tried but think lots more training is required or EA to explain if it actually works and how. However direction and aftertouch still apply to semi and assisted shooting. More than people realise.
For direction as you are powering up with the shoot button push the left stick in the place you want it to go in the goal. So if you are attacking left to right diagonally up right with the stick is top left of the goal. Everybody who played FIFA 16 a considerable amount will know how infuriating the over-the-top through-balls down the middle were. Well EA have made it more difficult, but it seems that the through-ball from the angle still has a high success rate. A good example of when to use this pass would be to cut in with a wide player near the half way line and angle a through ball in behind the defence. The defenders seem to react better from passes that go straight down the pitch, probably so players don't transition from defence to attack so quickly, so by playing the ball wide before trying to pick a pass you give your chances a boost.
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