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Players will now be able to plan future signings and test chemistry compatibility in fifa 15

FIFA 14 is a very fun soccer game that is played by hardcore fans in addition to those who have never followed the sport. When a game is already good the challenge for game designers is to improve upon it enough to make people want to buy it without fundamentally changing what made the previous game great in the first place.

In terms of gameplay, FIFA 14 and 15 are quite similar, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Whether it's worth forking over $60 for is probably dependent on your dedication to this franchise. Frequent players will notice the subtle differences, but those just hoping to pick up a good soccer game to round out their sports collection might want to browse the used game section.

Perhaps only a football fan would understand the appeal of a trailer like this, one that highlights such incremental details as wobbly crossbars. Such details add authenticity to the spectacle, and bring the complex sim closer to the spectator sport. The next-gen Ignite Engine powers the advanced visuals, and is making its way to the PC version of FIFA for the first time with FIFA 15.

As for the Global Transfer Network, it’s still there but looks to have had some tweaks and updates. Scouts will now actively suggest areas for improvement in your team instead of passively waiting for instructions, and they will also suggest actual players to solve those squad flaws. EA also say that “a new player search screen lets you find players faster and better suited to your team”.

Players will now be able to plan future signings and test chemistry compatibility with concept squads, and comment on friends' squads through the EA Sports newsfeed. This year's game will also let users make short-term loan signings, and play against friends in the brand new friendly seasons mode.
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