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Roblox that interests children more than Youtube

Customers are waiting in several queues right now. A customer orders a "YumYumEpicYum" pizza extra. Hectic jumps a figure of rough pixels, it is called "MatteoMagDich", in a roughly coarse pizzeria without walls around. If the orders go out in time, a white number above his head indicates how much Matteo has earned.

While reading this text, about 20,000 people bake digital pizza. "Working in a pizzeria" is the name of the game and is one of the most successful titles on Roblox, a mix of social network and gaming platform. Roblox is a phenomenon in the US. As early as December 2017, Roblox overtook Youtube in the US as the Internet site where children under the age of 13 spend most of their time. This is shown by figures from the market research company ComScore. The phenomenon wants to conquer the world now. A few days ago, the German version of the platform started.

That has the educational potential, is beyond question. However, this potential must be promoted and guided by parents. If they do not, the children could sink into the enormous selection. And not all worlds are as innocent as a pizzeria opening.


That most players are so young, you realize. The look, which looks like a mixture of Lego and Minecraft, the childlike name of the players and the games themselves, which are usually short and uncomplicated. Many elements have been seen elsewhere, and better. The title selection in the games library is reminiscent of Netflix or Steam, the currency system of free games from the App Store. In the game, players can earn virtual money, such as pizza baking.
Players can create their own games in a simple programming language

So why is Roblox so successful? This is certainly partly because Roblox is basically free, although players can buy virtual money called Robux to unlock extra content. Most games can be played on mobile phones, PCs, consoles and even on 3D glasses. So you pick up, as many other games and platforms, as many players. The gaming portal stands out in one respect from all others. Players can create their own games in a literally foolproof programming language. According to the company, more than four of the 90 million monthly players are developing about one million games - per month.

That's exactly why Roblox also performed well in a test run by the Department of Youth Media Culture NRW. Roblox-Studio's easy-to-understand programming environment boosts children's creativity. Advanced children can use the Lua scripting language to change their environments and create more and more complex games.

The net is teeming with stories in which children are supposed to have learned programming with Roblox without the knowledge of their parents. Also in some media Roblox is celebrated. Forbes magazine, for example, wrote last year: "This is how Roblox trains the next generation of gaming entrepreneurs." Title hero of the story is Alex Binello, who had never attended a programming lesson. Nevertheless, he developed on the portal, the game "Meep City", a kind of virtual city full of mini-games, which made him a millionaire in the end.

Because Roblox lives on the huge selection of games, the company pays part of the revenue to the developers. This is how it works: A player creates a game. When other players spend Robux on items in their game, they are credited with the player. From this he can in turn buy his own items or get paid. One has already paid out $ 98 million in this way, says the company. "It's almost like running 'American Idol' for emerging game developers," says founder David Baszucki of Forbes magazine.

The child-centered concept of Roblox seems to work. You can tell by how the colorful world of blocks affects other platforms that are not known for kid-friendly comments. On Youtube, MatteoMagDich's pizza baking video has 185,000 clicks and 500 comments. No hate comments, almost exclusively with praise. The most popular comment: "My favorite pizza is margarita, who likes pizza, please."

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