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Rocket League fans are not happy with the latest Rocket League update

Rocket League fans are not happy with the latest Rocket League update that sees Credits and Blueprints replace Crates and Keys in the all new Item Shop. While the move was made to make buying cosmetics more transparent and move away from a lootbox-style model, fans are outraged at the prices of the items in the store.

The idea looked great on paper. Removing loot crates for a more amicable system sounded great. Sadly, the pricing is something many fans were not expecting. In the past, the game’s crate system allowed players to take a look inside each crate. Furthermore, if they liked an item inside the crate, they could use a key to unlock it and they received a random item contained in the loot crate. Now, Rocket League’s Blueprints depict a single item, and they can be purchased by using credits. As well, a new item shop has been added to the game. This store allows players to buy timed cosmetics.

To give an overall idea, to get the new Infinitum wheels, 1400 credits are required. Moreover, 500 credits equal to $4.99, 1100 cost $9.99, 3000 go for $24.99, and 6500 price at $49.99. This means that if you want to get the Infinitum wheels, you would have to spend roughly $17.00. Plus, there are even more expensive items available. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Rocket League blueprints, you can visit our website

In addition, if players had any leftover keys, these were converted to 100 to 130 credits. When keys were a thing in the game they were priced at $4.99 for 5 keys. In theory, this seems like a fair conversion. Though, when players used one key in the past, they were guaranteed an item. Now, some items are way more expensive than even 10 keys. This all comes at pretty bad timing since Rocket League has just introduced its Rocket Pass 5 along with Blueprints.

Earlier this year, Psyonix was bought by Epic Games, who had immense success and profit with their item store in Fortnite. However, the attempt to shift Rocket League towards a similar model has gone down badly with the community.
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