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Temtem Update 0.5.12 introduces a new arena called the Saipark and fixes bugs

Pokemon-styled MMO, TemTem, just got update 0.5.12, which introduces a new arena called the Saipark, Saicards, a vault for players, among a bunch of other improvements, balances and fixes.

Saipark functions a lot like the iconic Safari Zone found in original Pokemon games, Red and Blue. Saipark will only be available to endgame players. It will host two different specimens of TemTem each week. The creatures will have a higher chance of being Luma, may have egg moves or guaranteed minimum SV’s.

There are plans to include an in-game way of tracking what Tems are in the Saipark and how much time is left in the week, but for now players are encouraged to follow Temtem on social media for the latest updates. This week, for the record, the Saipark is housing Barnshes and Ocearas. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Temtem Pansun For Sale.

The update has made a number of other adjustments too, like unified animations for stat changes, a laundry list of fixes, and an overall reduction in Luma rate from 1 in 6000 to 1 in 8000. This, effectively, means the Saipark is going to become even more important to those who are shiny hunting, but the devs at Crema Games promise that there will be a way for players to actively hunt for Luma Tems and increase those chances in the future.

As per any patch, update 0.5.12 comes with the regular rundown of bug fixes and balance changes. Status animations have been sped up, and Crema have fixed a number of situations where players could get stuck in world geometry or dialogue boxes. More changes, and more deets on the Saipark’s grand opening, can be found over on Temtem’s official patch notes.
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