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The FIFA 15 Demo is available to download on Microsoft Xbox One

The FIFA 15 Demo is available to download on Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox 360, ThePlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.On PC it’s the first taste of the Ignite engine previously reserved for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and it looks good.

Following the official reveal of the new FIFA 15 title from EA Sports, the development team working on the new installment in the long-running series says that it will use the full power of the Ignite engine for the PC version of the title.

With the Demo out I set it in front of a test family to see how they got on with it. As you can see below it’s instantly impressive. Playing on PC they remarked how much the game had advanced this year — from realistic grass, better locomotion to more realistic keepers. This is because the PC joins both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to make up a trio of systems getting this year’s top notch experience delivered by the EA Sports Ignite technology.

The ad itself is a good piece of marketing by EA don't get me wrong - and it's exciting to see this type of video so close to release day. If you like FIFA, this advert will make you want the new game as soon as possible. Epic advert

‘I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy’, said gamer Stuart Gordon, who has already started a queue outside his local branch of Game. ‘It sounds awesome. I’m already looking forward to doing fucking ridiculous things like organising a tournament in the desert in the middle of summer then setting up an enquiry to brush the scandal of all the bribes I’m going to be accepting under the carpet.’
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