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The pricing of Rocket League Blueprints has left many fans angry

Psyonix recently released its Blueprints update for Rocket League, and fans are not happy about the pricing structure this update introduced. Some time ago, the developer announced that they were going to remove loot boxes from the game altogether. As a response to the removal of loot boxes, Blueprints were introduced in the mix. Specifically, the update went live last night. Although the idea seemed fine, now there are waves of angry fans that are simply not happy with the pricing for these Blueprints.

Now, according to Psyonix, Rocket League's new Blueprint Update does away with the Crate system entirely, instead opting for a new Item Shop. In the shop, Crates will be replaced by Blueprints, which reveal what the included item actually is rather than obscuring it until after purchase. Players will be able to buy Blueprints with Credits, a currency purchased with real money, and will go for a rate of anywhere from $1 for 100 Credits to $1 for 130 depending on the size of the bundle. The keys players already had in their inventories have been converted at this rate. Now, if Rocket League players want a specific item, they won't have to hope for the luck of the draw but can instead purchase it directly with Credits.

Originally, loot crates allowed players to peek inside the crates to see what’s available and then they’d use a single key to unlock a crate. Unlocking the crate would gift the player one of the items available within them at random. The new system now finds players revealing Blueprints which shows a single item that can be purchased using credits. Got Blueprints for a rocket boost? You can purchase it with credits. And if you want to buy Rocket League wheels, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

Additionally, a new item store has arrived in Rocket League which allows players to purchase timed cosmetics. For example, at current players can grab a handful of general daily cosmetics such as a rocket trail, or decals. There are also two featured items available to purchase with credits. Infinium Wheels and a Crimson painted Fennec car.

Rocket League isn't free-to-play, and you might end up spending the same amount on an item as a copy of the game. Some players are already predicting that this is the first move in Rocket League making the shift to free-to-play, however, and the shop certainly looks the part.  Generally, the mood on the Rocket League subreddit has turned pretty sour, with all of the top posts being extremely critical and one calling for the now traditional boycott. I guess it is possible to make something less popular than loot boxes.
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