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The Ready Player Two virtual treasure hunt event in Roblox officially started

Roblox Identity Fraud Money The Ready Player Two virtual treasure hunt event in Roblox officially started and players around the world are looking for the Seven Relics. In addition to the main event quest 7 Ready Player Two event items are also available for purchase. These are all cosmetic items that can be personalized with your Robux avatar!

Builderman and Cline had a lot of talk about their favorite movies VR headsets and some exciting teases about the book. Cline also mentioned how The Breakfast Club inspired her love of high school characters.


Seven Roblox worlds have been created each with its own quizzes puzzles and rewards. Those who manage to solve all the tests will obtain a space treasure. The event space managed to exceed one million visits in 24 hours; already going through the more than 4 million visits. Anyone who logs into the hub willRoblox Identity Fraud Currency get merchandise on their in-game accounts.

The event will start exactly on December 1 along with the Q&A session between Roblox creator Dave Baszucki and Ready Player Two author Ernerst Clin. Hints reading the events are to be included in the novel itself so the game's creators encourage players to read the book that is debuting today.

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