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This will be the phase 2 of WoW Classic

The first phase of WoW Classic has been a success and the players are already waiting for the second, which will introduce a new dungeon, the first two world leaders and important news for the player versus player system.

The launch of World of Warcraft Classic - the servers that recall the first steps of what has probably been the MMORPG par excellence - was a real success and managed to attract the attention of players from all over the world, who not only made long lines for play, but also within the game itself.

The content of this first phase, however, became very short for the higher level players, since in just one week there was a brotherhood that managed to overcome the Magma Core, one of the two bands - along with Onyxia's Lair - available since the launch of World of Warcraft.

To the joy of these players, WoW Classic will continue to receive content periodically and it has already been confirmed that it will have six phases that will be arriving over time. At the moment, however, there is no confirmed date for any of them.

wow classic

The second phase of WoW Classic will introduce important developments for both the PvE (acronym for player versus environment) and the PvP (player versus player) that will provide players with new challenges and motivations to continue enjoying the classic servers.

Regarding the PvE, the Massacre will be introduced, a dungeon for 5 players from levels 44 to 54 and that is located in the Feralas area, in the southern half of Kalimdor. However, what is really interesting in this facet of the game will be the introduction of the world's first bosses.

The Lord of Fatality Kazzak (or simply Lord Kazzak) will appear in the Devastated Lands - although from The Burning Crusade it was relocated to the Hellfire Peninsula - and Azuregos will do the same in Azshara.

As for the PvP, which for the moment has happened something more unnoticed in WoW Classic, they will introduce the honor system and the reward system, thus motivating the players to defend the honor of their faction in the different battlefields of Azeroth.

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