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When will Phase 2 of World of Warcraft Classic be launched?

World of Warcraft Classic had a monumental launch, fueling the MMORPG genre and attracting millions of new players.

However, the enthusiasm of then has stopped, once the players reached the maximum level and completed the basic content. Consequently, the queues are shrinking and the player base is slowly fading.

Fortunately, Classic is not over yet. There are a total of six phases, each with new dungeons, raids and systems, similar to the original game.

Phase Two will be a decisive factor for WoW fans, hoping to bring back the old players and attract the new ones.

The bosses of the world join Classic in Phase Two, giving you the opportunity to search for new content and equipment. In addition to the Magma Core and Onyxia's Lair, you will have to search for two new bosses.

Lord Kazzak will dwell sinisterly outside the Dark Portal in Devastated Lands, while the blue dragon Azuregos will meet in Azshara. Each of the bosses will require a unit of root to kill, which will give you another chance to prepare. The dungeon of The Massacre found in Feralas will also be added to the game.

However, the most important thing is that the PvP (Player versus Player) honor system and rank rewards will be introduced. This will give players a reason to fight against their opposing faction, allowing you to accumulate honor and gain epic equipment. They will have 14 ranks in total, and each rank will unlock new rewards, including equipment and titles.

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