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World of Tanks 1.4 brings wheeled vehicles to the game

World of Tanks' 1.0 Encore update dramatically changed the game, with the title's new Core engine boosting performance significantly through the introduction of multi-threading while also offering new graphical options for high-end systems.

After the introduction of the 1.0 Encore update, War Gaming realised that their implementation of multi-threading support was not optimal. Yes, the game offered a lot more performance than before, but it didn't do a great job distributing game loads equally across a large number of CPU cores.

With update 1.4, World of Tanks will receive support for a feature called "concurrent rendering", which is designed to distribute both CPU and GPU loads more efficiency, producing a tangible performance increase for most systems, with War Gaming citing a performance increase of between 4% and 45% in the video below. The 4% performance increase came when the game was using World of Tanks' minimum settings and the 45% gain was found in the game's Maximum preset. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe World of Tanks Gold For Sale.

War Gaming has stated that this performance boost comes thanks to a collaboration with their "good friends from Intel", thanking the boffins of the blue team for their support in optimising World of Tanks' renderer.

Update 1.4 is currently available as a "Common Test" within the World of Tanks test client, with the update also bringing the game's "Ghost Town" map back to the title as well as a variety of wheeled vehicles and balance changes. All World of Tanks players that registered prior to 31 December, 21:59 CET (UTC+1) can participate in this test.

At this time it is unknown when World of Tanks' 1.4 update will be ready for its official release. Stay tuned on our site for more information about the "Common Test" version of 1.4 and its content.
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