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World of Tanks Update 1.4 Delivers Full Multi-threading Support

World of Tanks needs a lot of work in some areas, mainly in the bot/idle player detection/removal and matchmaking departments, so new vehicles aren't exactly what most players of Wargaming's title are looking for in a new update. No matter how exciting might seem having wheeled vehicles in a vehicular combat game like this one, the changes to the French tech tree that come with World of Tanks 1.4 have already managed to cause quite an uproar among the fans.

In addition to the six wheeled vehicles that come as a new branch in the French tech tree that starts from the AMX ELC bis, World of Tanks 1.4 also packs the following highlights:

•    Concurrent rendering support for improved performance on low-end and mid-range systems
•    Rebalanced missions in the Second Front campaign
•    Tactical Numbers added as new Exterior elements
•    A new style for each nation in the Preset Styles section
•    Multiple minor tweaks and fixes to most maps
•    Ghost Town added to the Random Battle mode and Attack/Defense in Team Training
•    Buffs to the Object 279 (e) and Chimera special tanks
•    New vehicles for Supertest players (TS-5, Lansen C)

After playing only a few battles in the tier 6 AMD 178D, I can say that World of Tanks is now a bit more interesting. The new vehicles bring something special to the game and promise to speed up things a bit in many battles. Obviously, they might be nerfed in the future as it happened with many tanks often used by experienced players who exploited their strengths and made them seem overpowered, but this is something that remains to be seen. If you want to know the safest way to buy WOT Gold, I recommend you buy it via, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

World of Tanks is expected to feature changes to the matchmaking and Premium ammo soon, maybe even in the next update. Until then, it is certain that many players will be busy trying to get the best out of the new referral program.
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