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World of Warcraft Classic suspected DDoS attacker has been arrested

World of Warcraft was recently affected by an ongoing denial of service attack, with some of its realms taken offline. Now, developer Blizzard has posted an update on the issue offering some “closure” on it – and it looks like a suspect behind the DDoS attacks has been identified and arrested.

But not much about the suspect has been revealed. It’s not clear where the suspect was arrested, and whether he/she is still in custody. Also, the motive of the attack is still not known, but investigators might be about to unravel the whole mystery. The order of events can be traced back to a Reddit post. The user claimed they would be attacking all PvP World of Warcraft servers in the United States. And indeed, there was an attack on the server that caused performance tanking as the servers buckled.

Though it seems likely, Blizzard did not confirm whether this individual was the same person who went by UkDrillas on Twitter who originally took credit for the attacks. On September 7, when players first started complaining of server issues, UkDrillas would tweet out 30-minute warnings before another wave of attacks would make logging into WoW Classic nearly impossible on many servers. Shortly after, that Twitter account was deleted. In addition, if you are looking for a cheap world of warcraft classic gold seller, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

In both the United States and Europe, DDoS attacks are charged as federal crimes that may lead to prison sentences of several years. In the United Kingdom, the penalty is a maximum sentence of 10 years. The reason for the suspect’s attack against World of Warcraft Classic servers remains unknown, but whatever it was, the trade-off will likely be jail time. More than a year ago, a DDoS attacker who targeted World of Warcraft was sentenced to a year in prison with a nearly $30,000 fine.

It took Blizzard less than two weeks to get its servers back up and running and apprehend the person behind the DDoS attacks. Blizzard should be able to learn from this and strengthen its network security so that situations like this can be avoided from the get-go.
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