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You need to be more precise with your FIFA 16 passing

The Improved defending, that EA has spoken for good five minutes about, was just like all the other features, interesting. However, once I’ve finished writing the news piece on FIFA 16, and had some time to think about it. I’ve come to a conclusion, that it is not as good as it seems. Yes, they’ve said that the AI will be improved, and will finally stop the defenders from dropping the defensive line, but they’ve also stated that this year, defending is all about agility. Adebayor raced to the corner flag, pursued by nine delirious teammates, and was pinned to the ground. White Hart Lane shook; the speakers poured forth the crowd's joy. The camera vibrated as the images cycled - there's Messi! Head down, hands on hips! Absolutely stoic. In that scene are the key ingredients of the FIFA 16 experience: the new television presentation, the emphasis on player reactions and emotions, a lucky bounce or two from the new momentum-based physics added to the ball, a goalie caught flat-footed, and a big goal. Absolutely the big goal.
Realism is the key this year, without realizing it the player is sucked into a deeply engaging football simulation. True, it remains a game, but it has hidden depths that you really only appreciate after those first few hours or days of playing. It starts to feel so real that you wouldn't be surprised to have Jose Mourinho throwing a tantrum on the touchline, or banners being flown in the skies above Old Trafford. During the set up of a free kick, I was actually surprised and disappointed when the referee failed to use his can of white spray paint to mark the position of the ball and the wall. The way that the game plays and is presented draws the player helplessly in. Those moments on the pitch suddenly feel incredibly real. 

However, fans will no longer be able to adopt this approach, as EA has removed entirely open auctions. Every item in the game is now available in “Buy It Now” format, with its value must be set within a pre-determined, EA-defined price range. EA has claimed there are several reasons for the move. “To help FUT 16 gamers understand the value of the players in their club,” is the first listed in yesterday’s announcement. It goes on: “To make high-rated players more attainable for all FUT gamers and ensure a level playing field”.
Opponent AI feels like it’s been tweaked slightly, this could be just our imagination, but they now are more foul happy. A good thing as in previous year’s they’ve always been a little too reluctant to hit the ground with a slide. Now they almost feel more human. Overall it plays a solid game of football, but really depends on how you prefer to play. If you’re a more methodical passing player then perhaps you’ll feel a little hard done by as you’re undone by a particularly fast front line, especially as defending is rather challenging this year. Indeed, it’ll take a fair few games before you’re able to stop players rushing into your box. Headers and crosses also seem toned down and harder to execute. Last year I seemed to be able to score with much more consistency using headers.
This is not the case at all in FIFA 16. This year you need to be more precise with your passing in order to execute some of those gorgeous headers. Likewise, I found the power kicks, well less powerful if that makes any sense. Those kicks just seem to have a little less zip than they did last year. There are simply too many cool tweaks to talk about in this space; suffice to say, you'll be pleased aside from a few nitpicky bits like controlling long balls, mastering the art of hitting an accurate cross and the music, which can best be described as sub-optimal. Also of note: There remains an issue with the offside rule where if you pass to a player who is standing offside and the ball is intercepted before it can reach him, the play is whistled dead, even if the offside player is never actively involved.
As expected, we don’t see major changes with FIFA 16; we have the typical subtle improvements, which are always a welcome delight. I’m sure you’re itching to know exactly what has changed, however small, other than simply the team and player ratings.
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